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The Largest team of Neurosurgeons in the Southwest region.
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UMC’s Neurosurgery Center brings a higher level of care to El Paso, West Texas, and Southern New Mexico. UMC is proud to have the largest team of all board-certified and board-eligible neurosurgeons in the El Paso region.

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Dr. Makoshi was the best neurosurgeon we could’ve had for our son. He is extremely polite and will definitely show you he genuinely cares about your child and not just medically. Unfortunately we had to move, but if we could’ve chosen a permanent doctor for our son, it would’ve been Dr. Makoshi!
Mayte Garcia
March 2024
Dr Vasquez’s work on my back was beyond my expectations. Great outcome.

Jim Kell
May 2023
I am so grateful to Dr. Wang. I was fortunate he was the neurosurgeon who performed my surgery and, ultimately, saved my life. He listens, educates, and advocates for his patients - true embodiment of patient centered care. Because of his amazing bedside manner and high quality surgical skills, he is a provider I would recommend to anyone in need of a neurosurgeon. I appreciate Dr. Wang and his amazing team.
Summer Stout
October 2022

Frequently asked questions.

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What are the causes of back pain?

There are many reasons for back pain, and even more ways to "rid" yourself of back pain, according to the internet. There is some common sense advice out there, like strengthening and stretching your back or keeping a good posture. That is good advice regardless of back pain, but if you are in pain, call your doctor. Keep a journal of your pain, when and where it hurts and how your pain changes over time, this will help the doctor identify the problem quickly.

What is Neurosurgery?

Neurosurgery is the medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the brain, spine, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.

What causes neck pain?

While this may seem like a question with a very straightforward answer, the truth lies in the fact that the human neck is a complicated structure that can hold a variety of innate issues. Many people find themselves visiting a Chiropractic office for the first time because of a “stiff neck” (pain and a reduced range of motion of the neck and supporting spinal muscles), and usually attribute this to “sleeping funny.” However, the stresses of daily life, working in an environment that supports poor posture (such as computer work or child rearing), and the heavy workload of carrying around a skull can irritate neck muscles to the edge of their threshold. Most people find themselves in pain after a small incident (like sleeping at an odd angle or doing a double-take) due to the straw-that-broke-the-camel’s-back effect of over stressed muscles pulling bones out of place and pinching nerves. Of course, there is always the more direct approach to neck pain, such as a traumatic fall or auto accident injury, in which case the neck muscles experience a sudden onset of the same symptoms.

What is the difference between a neurologist and a neurosurgeon?

A neurologist and a neurosurgeon have similarities, however, a neurosurgeon can give a surgical solution to neurologic disorders, while the neurologist identifies neurological disorders through diagnostic testing and treats with medical means.

Why do I need to see a neurosurgeon?

You may need to see a neurosurgeon if your primary care physician thinks your symptoms are neurological and might require surgery. Your primary care physician will seek a neurosurgeon and schedule an appointment for an exam and tests, if necessary. Once these tests and exams are finished, the neurosurgeon will work with you toward a plan of care or to schedule surgery.  

I have been referred to a neurosurgeon. Does that mean I need surgery?

No. Many of the conditions treated can be managed without surgery, at least initially. If surgery is recommended, the risks and goals of the procedure will be discussed thoroughly with you by your doctor as well as possible alternative treatments.

 How long will it take to get an appointment?

Typically, new patient appointments can be made within one week or up to 10-days.

Why do I feel a numbness and tingling sensation?

These are all good reasons to contact your physician who may refer you to a neurosurgeon.
The signs and symptoms of nervous system disorders include:
·      Constant or a sudden headache.
·      A headache that changes or is different.
·      Loss of feeling or tingling.
·      Weakness or loss of muscle strength.
·      Loss of sight or double vision.
·      Memory loss.
·      Impaired mental ability.
·      Lack of coordination.

If you are experiencing these symptoms without relief, please contact your doctor who will most likely perform a neurological exam to check your vision, hearing and balance. Your doctor may also get images of your brain and spine to make a diagnosis.

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